Fall is a Season I definitely like to be more intentional with when it comes to the items I am buying. Maybe it’s because I know these are items I will be wearing at least half the year if not more, and this year it seems we will have a short Fall I am afraid. Our temperatures are already cold and it’s only the middle of October. During the week I pretty much live in sweaters and pants for work but on the weekend I live for comfy jeans, a sweater, boots, and a cozy coat. Last weekend we purged our closets and it was such a great feeling. I had so many pieces of clothes that I was holding onto for whatever reason but decided just to get rid of mostly everything. I basically went with if I didn’t wear it last season then it went to the donation pile. I have a few items I will put up to sell on Poshmark and you can follow me here if you’re interested but most things went to donation. Whenever I am thinking about investment pieces I always fall back on a few thoughts: how many times throughout the season can I wear the item? Will the item still be classic for seasons to come? What can I put with the item? If I can pretty much wear the item all season and for seasons to come then it’s an investment pieces in my book even if it means paying more for the item. I’d rather pay more for an item I know will be relevant a few years from now versus buying something cheap only to throw it away next season. These are my top investment items for Fall.

A classic coat– I love this Italian Wool coat from J.CREW, it’s just warm enough to wear with sweaters and long sleeve tees but also doesn’t make me look like I am wearing 20 layers of clothes. The dark moss is such a gorgeous color too for Fall and Winter.

A structured bag– I love a good leather bag and one that will last for years. I had been on the lookout for a new work bag and researched for months several different styles. I love the structure of this bag and the quality plus it’s seriously very light considering it’s leather. I’ve had two computers in here at one time and it still felt very light.

A good sweater– Cream or white sweaters are my favorite shade to wear during the colder months. I love this sweater with jeans and riding boots. It’s classic, warm, and uber cozy.

A pair of riding boots– Nothing beats a good pair of classic riding boots that you’ll have for years to come. These boots hit in the right place on your calves plus the color is insanely beautiful. I have honestly looked for new riding boots for the past 5 years with no luck. They either hit me in a funny place or the boot would crinkle that it would drive me crazy. These are honestly the perfect riding boot.

A classic pair of denim– If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you know I love Madewell Denim. It’s always my go to when I am looking for a good pair of jeans.

J.Crew Coat/ 2. Cuyana Structured Tote/ 3. J.Crew Sweater/ 4. Tory Burch Riding Boots/ 5. Madewell DenimĀ