11 Month Update

Here we are again! This time I am only a week behind though with the actual monthly update.  We were finally able to take some pictures this weekend. Well, sort of.   London was finally feeling better and was so much fun!  I don’t know if it’s actually the tubes but she’s like a whole new kid now. Every day is such a blessing and I can’t imagine how it gets better although I know it does. My little person is actually a big person now and as sad as I am to get to that first birthday next month, I can’t wait to continue to watch her thrive and grow.  It’s amazing she actually has a full fledge personality now and likes to tell us what she does and does not like.   She likes to throw her bows off her head as soon as I put them on.  And, I don’t mean just throw.  The girl chucks them as far as she can.  She might be trying to tell me something.  London also doesn’t like to sit still for more than half a second.  These pictures prove my point.


Stats: 20 pounds. In the 55th percentile still all around. We will go for her yearly check up at the end of next month so we will find out updated stats.

Favorite Foods: Anything and everything.  She eats like a champ! I am hoping this continues because I know kids have a way of becoming picky all of a sudden.  I am hoping if we are eating it then she will want to eat the same thing.  At this point she doesn’t discriminate against anything.  The other night for dinner she ate tofu, broccoli, sweet potatoes, gouda cheese, blueberries, and mango yogurt for dessert. Tonight she had vegetable tri-colored pasta with meat, peas, broccoli, and a banana.  For breakfast she likes to eat/drink our smoothies that I make but I’ll also give her a mini whole wheat bagel with Polaner’s fruit spread and some sort of fruit like strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.  She also loves whole wheat banana pancakes with the tiniest dab of maple syrup. Snacks usually consist of fruit, cheese, pretzels, yogurt, and Plum Organic Puffs.  She’s only drinking water as of now and will eventually move to whole milk.  I am not a fan of fruit juice so she will be skipping out on that box of sugar.  For those wondering she now has 6 toofs!

Sleeping:  Since we had the ears done it’s been a miracle with her sleeping.  She’s sleeping better and sleeping a bit longer. There are still hardly any naps at day care but that will change next month when she moves to the toddler room.  There’s too much stimulation right now in the newborn room so she hardly sleeps a wink.  Plus, she needs to know what’s going on at all times.  Her teacher actually told me the other day she’s the social butterfly of the room.  At 11 months?  Already.

Clothing: We’ve moved into 12-18 months.  Her bottoms are mostly the 18 months.  I don’t know if it’s because she’s long or the damn things shrink so much.  It’s kind of fun buying actual tops and not onesies anymore.  We’ve moved into a whole new wardrobe section.

Health: The ears are good.  That damn Exzema is still hanging around.  We are still lubing her up with Aquaphor day and night.  It’s actually kind of funny because she’s become accustomed to daily massages already.  I am not kidding either.  When we put the Aquaphor on we always massage it into her back and around her neck.  She goes limp and into total relaxation mode.  I can’t say I blame her though.  The pediatrician had suggested several months ago to give her Zyrtec for the Exzema because it would at least help with her itching all the time.  I was against this for a long time because I don’t think it’s good to be loading her up on meds already this young but I have finally given in.  It does seem to help her and I am not doing this everyday.  I still have mixed feelings but I can no longer watch the poor child scratch and scratch herself all the time.

Milestones:  WALKING!!! She will still look up and reach for our hand but she can completely walk by herself.  She walked across the entire living room the other night and even stopped to pick up her sippy cup off the floor on her way.

Funny Moments: This is funny now but not so funny at the time.  Last weekend I ran upstairs for what seemed less than 30 seconds and forgot to close the London (baby) gate behind me.  I seriously got to the bedroom and I heard the hubby yelling my name.  I come running down the stairs and guess who is standing on the landing? She had crawled up the damn first flight of stairs in massive record time and was just standing there grinning and clapping at us both.  Again, funny now but not at the time.  All of a sudden the landing has become her favorite place to hang out.  We hung out there for 35 minutes tonight just dancing and singing and going back and forth up and down the stairs.

I just love this girl more than anything and everyday she is cracking us up and teaching us that life is so precious and meant to be full of laughs!

Happy Hump Day.

Thanks for reading.

  • Sarah Harrison

    So much hair!!! So cute.

    • noelani

      Thanks! The hair came out of nowhere all of a sudden!!!

  • Julie

    I can only imagine the stairs and landing look on her cute face! She is so adorable. Glad you are enjoying every minute of it!!! ALOHA HUGS TO ALL

    • noelani

      Yes, her expressions are priceless! Definitely enjoying every second! Aloha to you as well!