Baby Fave’s

baby must haves

We are 6 1/2 months in and these are some of my favorite baby items that I don’t think we could have done without.  All these items have made our life a little easier and a little more fun!

1. BABY EINSTEIN SEA DREAMS SOOTHERThis was an item I registered for and still one of my favorite things for London.  We started using this the day we brought her home from the hospital. I love the soothing calming music and the bright colors this gives off.  London would just love to lay in her pack and play and look at this.  It’s a great way to introduce young ones to music and colors. 
2. BOB BABY STROLLER– Love this stroller! I wanted a stroller that I could run/walk with but one that was also easy to pack up in the car and go.  The BOB hasn’t disappointed me yet!  We’ve even had some instances where we’ve had to walk through heavy mud and the BOB went right through with no problem. 
3. BATH THERMOMETER– I don’t know what I would do without this yellow ducky for bath time.  I never have to worry about the temperature of the water because this little guy does the work for me.  Just throw it in the tub and it instantly tells you what the water temp is and there’s even a red light that goes off if the water is 100 or more.
4. BABY EINSTEIN ACTIVITY JUMPER– We started putting London in this when she was about 4 1/2 months old.  Basically she could support herself without bobble heading all over the place. She loves all the gadgets on this bad boy and it works wonders in the morning when we are trying to get ready for work and need to keep her busy.
5. SOPHIE THE GIRAFFEEvery baby loves Sophie and London is no different.  Who wouldn’t love a french plastic giraffe you can chew on all day.
6. BOON GRASS DRYING RACK– This is a necessity for every kitchen counter top.  We have two sets of grass and I am actually thinking about buying the larger grass drying rack.  It’s perfect for bottles, nipples, pacifiers, spoons, and whatever else you need to dry for your babe.
7. FRIDA THE NOSE SUCKER-  Parents love it, babies hate it.  This is the BEST nose sucker in the history of nose suckers.  It literally sucks their brains out practically, but they will have the clearest  snot-free nose ever.  It works best with a great pair of lungs- this would be the hubs job.  If you haven’t tried this yet ,I recommend you stop reading and go buy one now.  Just do it one time and you’ll wish you’d be doing it all along.
8. CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM-  One of our favorite books that we read everyday.  My cousin gave us this when London was 2 months old and we’ve been reading it ever since.  It’s a cute little story with lots of colorful pictures and at the end of the book has the entire alphabet in bright bold colors.  I sign the alphabet song to London after we finish the book every time and thank goodness she has no idea what good singing is at this point. 
9. STORKSAK OLIVIA DIAPER BAG– This was one of the biggest stresses I had when I was pregnant.  Which diaper bag to choose? I wanted something that didn’t look like a diaper bag but was very functional.  I also wanted it to have a cross body strap and lots of pockets. The Storksak did the job.  It also has a bottle warmer/cooler bag inside as well as a changing pad and even after stuffing half the house in there,  it’s still lightweight.  There’s a gazillion pockets on the inside and pockets all around the outside.  Plus, it’s made in London and even says so on the inside.  This sealed the deal! 
10. MUSTELA HYDRA-LOTION– Another fabulous item from France.  We actually use all the Mustela products for London: the lotion, body wash, and shampoo.  There’s no smell and it goes on smooth without being greasy. 
       I am sure there’s a million more favorites I could tell you about but that’s our fav list for now! What’s been some of your baby must haves? 

Thanks for reading XOXO,