10 Month Update

Here we are again- late with the monthly update.  Think of this like a 10 1/2 month update and in two weeks you’ll get the 11 month update! See, you won’t have to wait as long.  These updates are getting harder to write because I really only have one left until she turns a year.. This is the part where I pause to cry.   My sweet little baby girl is growing up too fast!

I tried to take some 10 month pictures- very unsuccessfully I might add.  So, instead you are getting a glimpse of pictures from this past month.

londonhearnoevilHear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. london at christmas Loves her Zainy Zoo on Christmas morning.

london10monthlondon10month1Unsuccessful attempt at a ten month picture.

newyearHowever, throw a Happy New Year hat on the girl and she’s ready to party and all smiles.

Stats: 20 pounds. In the 55th percentile still all around.

Favorite Foods: Yogurt and bananas- could eat it all day long if I let her.  I give her the Stoneyfield Organic flavors and she goes to town! Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Broccoli, Zucchini, and Pancakes. The child really does love vegetables and I don’t blame her.  She’s not so much into fruit though which I find strange since it’s sweet. She would much rather eat peas and broccoli than strawberries and oranges.

Sleeping: Through the night 12 hours unless we have our usual case of ear infections, teething, etc….

Clothing: Definitely in 12 months at this point.  I have several 6-12 month items I am desperately trying to squeeze her into because I just don’t want to face the fact she is going to be a year next month.  Who doesn’t love having camel toe all day because your pants are too short and tight?

Health: Well, let’s talk about the ears.  So, this past weekend from Saturday until today London was really sick.  Like I’ve never seen her this sick.  She had a temperature all weekend and just felt like crap.  The only good thing about the whole situation was that I got extra snuggle time with her. We cuddled on the couch for 48 hours nonstop and I loved every second.  We may have even watched an episode or two of Sex And The City ( shhh, don’t tell dad).  It’s all because of the damn ears.  Next week she’s getting tubes put in and hopefully this will help alleviate some of her ear infections.  The thing that sucks is when the ears are out of whack her whole immune system is out of whack.  Which means her damn Exzema acts up and spreads all over.   So, the poor child had a double ear infection, a breakout of Exzema, vomited all over herself more than once and is cutting four teeth.  Oh, and throw in a pipe that busted in our house due to the freaking frigid temperatures and that was our awesome weekend.  Jealous?

Milestones:  Walking any day now… Can take 8 steps by herself.  We bought her a pair of shoes over Christmas and she was so excited.  We call them her “magic shoes” because once you put them on her she just lights up.  She gets so excited and immediately wants to walk.  “Dada” is also a word she is using more often. 

Funny Moments: Speaking of “dada”- We have a London (baby) gate that is at the top of the stairs from the kitchen going into the basement.  London will stand at the top of the stairs and hold onto the gate yelling “dada”.  She knows her dad spends a lot of time in the basement and wants him to pay attention to her.  It’s so stinking cute!

The only happy part about the fact she’s almost a year is planning the party! Oh yea, bring it on… I am in full party planning mode at this point. I used to always say that I would never make a big deal out of a birthday party for a one year old because they have no idea what’s going on.  Well, that was before I had a baby girl!  Just think two things: glitter and sparkle.

Thanks for reading!

  • Sarah Harrison

    Tubes?!! Poor baby! But hopefully that will help..

    • noelani

      Yes we have fingers crossed this helps!!! We need a miracle.

  • Sheesh Noey, that is a lot going on for you and your family. I can relate to the frozen pipe issue. We went up to the lake the second weekend in December (I had been there the weekend prior by myself) and the furnace had gone down. The entire house was frozen and several pipes burst but were still frozen solid. Thankfully the boy was able to fix it himself with the help of friends. Not a fun time.

    • noelani

      Oh my! The whole house?? I can’t even imagine that issue. Frozen pipes are a nightmare. Thankfully Nathan and his dad fixed ours as well and we didn’t have to hire someone. One of the many reasons I was giving to Nathan as to why he needs to move me somewhere much warmer. I have an ongoing list of reasons.