12 Month Update

It’s almost time people! Less than 24 hours before the big day.  I took today off to prep and bake and mom and I have been in the kitchen since 7:30 this morning. We are up to our knees in sugar, flour, and sprinkles galore!  This is obviously my last monthly update I am sad to say. I will still be doing them, but probably not on a monthly basis.   I had an ETSY shop make up a chalkboard banner of all things about London. Her favorite words, favorite things to do, favorite foods, etc… I will have it on display at the party tomorrow but you all get a lucky first look.  I love how it turned out!



We took this picture last night right after she got out of the bath. Look at all her curly hair!

Stats: 20 pounds. In the 55th percentile still all around. We will go for her yearly check up next week so we will find out an updated status.

Favorite Foods: FRUIT! She is finally loving fruit however she is quite particular about which fruit and will only eat blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and Japanese Pears!  She is still eating whatever we put in front of her thankfully. Last week London moved to the toddler room and along with that came a new menu from her to eat from.  I wasn’t very happy with what was on the menu so I had to have a sit down with the daycare owner and manager.  The menu is full of sugar and I don’t know where the meat comes from so I didn’t want her to eat any of the meat they provided. Basically, I will be going through the menu every month and listing off what she can and can’t have for that month.  I don’t think a toddler should be eating fig newtons, breaded fish sticks, nacho cheese dip, and drinking grape juice. I talked with the daycare about using local farmers for the product and meat. I am not sure where it will go, but I will continue to have this discussion.  For now, London has been put on a vegetarian menu and I will continue to go through the menu monthly.  She is also starting to drink a little whole milk at daycare as well. I take a sippy cup for her water and a sippy cup for her milk.

Sleeping:  When she went into the toddler room this week I thought for sure she would be taking a nap with the other kids for two hours. WRONG! The most the child has slept this week is 30 minutes.  She didn’t sleep in the newborn room but I thought it was just because of all the babies crying. The child does not want to miss a thing so she doesn’t sleep.  I am hoping she will eventually get used to all the other kids sleeping and will finally figure out that’s what she should be doing as well.

Clothing:  Loving little skinny jeans right now and cute girly tops! She also got a pair of new shoes this week and was so excited. My mom and I took her to pick out a little pair.  I gave her the option of two different ones and she picked a cute purple pair. She was so happy to put them on and was grinning ear to ear once the salesperson put them on her feet.

Health: We are battling a little cold this week and the Eczema is always present but we are hoping for a healthy 2nd year!

Milestones:  Going into the toddler room this weekEven though she has cried every morning when I drop her off she is having a blast.  She is learning how to eat at a table with the other children, brush her teeth, and wash her hands. 

Funny Moments:  After her meltdown last Sunday for the pictures, you can read about that fun time here.  Anyways, we came home and of course she was all smiles.  I was in the bedroom and I look up and see London walking down the hall with one of my purses over her shoulder. She was a girl on a mission armed with a purse.  She looked so freaking cute and I was such a proud mom at that moment.  Ever since then she is taking this purse with her everywhere.


I tried to tell her the pacifier and purse don’t go together but she’s liking the look.  Tomorrow morning we will celebrate with birthday pancakes, balloons, and a present or two.  Then she’s down for hopefully a nice long nap before the festivities tomorrow afternoon.  You can follow along with me on Instagram as I will be posting as the day goes on! Thanks so much for being a part of London’s first year. I still can’t believe how fast it has all gone.  If only I could freeze this moment in time forever!

  • Julie

    We have loved reading along as all her special moments happened during her first year! Love the purse on her shoulder and the smiles! Have an awesome day tomorrow enjoying every minute of it.

  • Julie

    and the chalkboard is adorable!

    • noelani

      Thank YOu!

  • She looks like she is strumming a guitar in the 12 month pic! Too cute.

    • noelani

      Lol! She does! How funny!