There are 5 staple accessories that are a must for Spring in my opinion. They are items that can easily make an outfit at affordable prices and ones that I count on to carry me through the season.

The Scarf– Some call it a scarf, some call it a neckerchief, and some call it a bandana. Whatever you want to call it,  it’s one of my favorite ways to dress up any outfit. Besides, the fact it’s such a French girl thing, it’s easily affordable and will always be around (Audrey Hepburn has proved this). Some of my favorites come from Madewell because they always have such cute prints and usually under $15. However, you can invest in silk ones as well, I have this one from Cuyana and absolutely love the detailing and color.

The Hat– I love a good statement hat and I feel like Spring/Summer are the best time to wear them. I love to see them on people with little sundresses and shorts and of course at the beach. I feel like I’ve looked for a good hat for so long but most of the good ones can be pretty pricey. I’ve always wanted to add a Janesse Leone to my collection but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I am on the waitlist for this Cuyana one as I feel it’s a great price and looks way more expensive. I’ll keep you posted once it comes back in stock. A few other favorites that I own are this Brixton one this Panama Hat.

The Statement Earring– I wore these earrings in NYC and absolutely loved the way they looked with jeans and this top. There’s nothing like a great statement earring in my opinion and I love to wear them with tees and skirts in Summer. I feel like when the weather is appropriately warm and you don’t feel like putting on lots of layers you can easily just throw something simple on but add a statement earring and it makes the whole outfit. My favorite places to find statement earrings are Nordstrom, J.Crew, Madewell, and the sugarfix line at Target.

The Mule– This style isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so if you have been thinking about investing in a good mule, now would be a good time. The thing about mules for me though is I need them to be really comfortable and most of the time some sort of heel is good because I like the foot support. I did recently order these mules from the Shopbop sale but haven’t received them yet so will keep you posted on the comfort level. I love the fact you can literally just put your feet into these shoes and go plus they are obviously super easy to take off. Some other cute and affordable options are these from Madewell, these from Nordstrom (and on sale), and these.

The Trench Coat– I’ve owned about 5 different trench coats at some time or another because this is probably my favorite type of coat. I’ve had dark tan, light tan, and black. I recently just had to replace my tan one because the cleaners ate my other favorite Zara one and I replaced it with this one from Mango. A few years ago the hubby bought me a black Burberry one for Christmas which will always be my favorite. The great thing about a trench is they will always be in style and you can always find affordable options especially from Nordstrom, J.Crew, and Zara. There’s nothing more classic in my opinion that a trench coat.