A Blogland Tour

Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday with family and friends. Today, I am excited to share a few bedroom updates I am working on and what this blog means to me.  But, first I want to introduce you to Andrea and her darling blog and then I am going to introduce you to a few other bloggers you should be following!

Andrea from life.love.larson asked me to be part of this blog tour a few weeks ago and I am so excited to participate. Andrea, is a stay at home mom with two kids, a local blogger, and an amazing DIY’er.  I admire anyone who has the knack for DIY, because that is not a strong area for me.  I love looking at her blog for amazing ideas and the best part is they are all on a budget. A few of my favorite posts are:  this tray, this framed wrapping paper, and these gold corned frames.  Andrea also blogs about her favorite recipes, cleaning tips, and great holiday ideas.

You also have to check out her home tour because it is AMAZING!!!




Be sure to check out Andrea’s blog and get to know her.  Now a few things about me, what I am currently working on, and this blog.

1. What I am working on?

The better question is what am I NOT working on at this moment. REDECORATING.  My problem is that once I decide I want to redecorate I feel the need to do every room at one time. Obviously, this is a ridiculous idea and way of doing things plus it’s not budget friendly. Thankfully, my dear husband reminds me of this and has thoughtfully reminded me to focus on one room at a time.  We’ve been in this house almost 3 years now and I am finally just getting around to working on our bedroom. This was not the first room I choose to decorate when we moved in but now I wish it would have been. To me a bedroom should be your place of serenity and calm. So, with the help of my friend Sarah, I have been trying to piece together the bedroom. Here’s a few snapshots of what is currently going on. We still need window treatments, artwork, and we have a tiny nook area that needs furniture. I’ll be sure to do a follow up post once the room is complete.  Hopefully you aren’t waiting another two years.




2. How does my blog differ from those in my genre?

I honestly don’t know how to answer this question. In a world full of blogs and social media it gets hard not to compare yourself to other “bloggers.” I am a perfectionist at heart in everything I do so I struggle with asking myself daily “Is my blog good enough?”  But, at the end of the day this is my voice and I blog about what interests me. Some days my pictures won’t be perfect and some days I won’t have much to say, but there’s only one Lattes and Lavender written by Noelani, so that in itself makes me different.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I write for several reasons. Basically, I am a creative person inside and out. I actually used to have a small jewelry business which consisted of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all hand made by myself.  After having London though and working full time it became too much to handle so I stopped. I still needed a place to be creative and this blog has become that space. I constantly want to challenge myself creatively so having to learn how to take photos, and having to learn photo shop has helped me fill that creative void.  My major in college was journalism so this also gives me a chance to write, even though it’s a different kind of writing. The best part though is being able to connect with all of you and other bloggers around the country. I love hearing from you and it makes me so happy when someone comments that what I wrote actually touched them in someway.

4. How does your writing/creative process work?

There’s no magic to this one unfortunately. I write what comes to mind and that could be at 10pm at night. One of my goals has been to plan more posts out in advance but so far that hasn’t happened. Again, working full time doesn’t allow me the time to think about blogging much so I just go with the flow. I also don’t blog when London is around so that doesn’t leave much time.  I know some bloggers out there focus on an editorial calendar where they have posts planned out for months at a time, but that’s not happening here. I would love to hear though what you want to see more of from a content perspective. This is my space and I will always write what I want but I also want to know what interests you.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you! Blogging in general is a very strange thing and there’s more involved than I could have ever imagined but for now I love it and will continue as long as I have something to say.

Thanks so much for reading.  Now, I want to introduce you to two bloggers you should get to know.

Caitlin, from Gussied Up, is a local KC girl with fabulous style. One of my favorite things about her style is how she accessorizes and she always has the best shoes! Caitlin also provides styling services in case you need some help in your closet or with your wardrobe.


Catherine, from My Inner Fabulous is a lifestyle blogger from Minneapolis with the cutest smile. I discovered Catherine via the wonderful world of Instagram. I love how Catherine mixes and matches styles from all my favorite shops.


I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a few other wonderful bloggers and learning a little more about me. Thanks for reading as always!



  • Love your post! And you’re right, her home tour was gorgeous! Umm, your photos are fantastic. What a gorgeous little vanity/dresser area, and your bedding is out of a magazine!

    Also, loved this:

    “My problem is that once I decide I want to redecorate I feel the need to do every room at one time.” – Haha! I couldn’t possibly be able to relate to you more. It drives my husband crazy!

    And I agree with you, I am trying to get on the bandwagon to schedule posts in advance. It seems like such an easier process! Hope you had a lovely weekend! 🙂

    • Thank You Meg! It’s so hard not to redecorate everything! Well, if you come up with a trick to the scheduling posts in advance please let me know. Have a great week!

  • your bedroom is looking gorgeous!! i love your nightstand styling and am a total sucker for monogrammed pillows too. it’s so nice to have a haven! someday i’ll get around to my room… 😉

    • Thanks Laura! It’s a work in process that’s for sure.

  • caitlin fore

    Thanks for the sweet compliments Noey! I adore your blog and love reading about what makes you tick and what you love. I can’t wait for you to read my post up tomorrow:)



  • Love this! Your bedroom is gorgeous!
    Xo Jana

    • Thank You Jana!! Hope you have a great week!