1. Burberry Trench Coat / 2. Rebecca Minkoff Love Bag / 3. FRENDS Headphones / 4. Kate Spade Passport Holder / 5. Porselli Ballet Flats / 6. Caudalíe Beauty Elixir / 7. J CREW Pixie Pant / 8. Banana Republic Scarf / 9. Iluminage Eye Mask / 10. Longchamp Le Pliage Large Bag / 11. BYREDO Hand Lotion / 12. Vogue September Issue

My packing has already started, but if I was being honest it started in my head months ago. First off, I am sharing what my travel essentials are for the plane. We leave Saturday morning and head to Dallas where we have a 4 hour layover and then straight to Paris. We will arrive into Paris on Sunday morning which means a really long night. Usually, I don’t have problems sleeping on a plane but I am sure I’ll be so excited I won’t want to sleep. These are some items which are going to help me get by. I am taking my trench coat because it will be cool in Paris during the mornings and could get a little windy as well, but I hate packing coats in my suitcase so I’ll take it on board.  My headphones will be great for the several movies I plan to load on my iPad to watch, I am thinking “Midnight in Paris,”obviously and maybe “The Devil Wears Prada,” and “Sex And The City.” I always travel in flats when I am flying anywhere because they are easy to take off for security and easy to take off once I get on the plane. Since it’s going to be a long flight I want to be comfy so I plan on wearing these J.CREW Pixie Pants with a stripe top or tee of some sort. And, the best way to have a guaranteed blanket is to always travel with a long scarf. This Caudalíe Elixir is going to be great for when we land and I want to feel a bit refreshed. It smells wonderful plus wakes me up a bit and adds some hydration for my face. I am going to throw my eye mask in the bag, but like I said I probably won’t sleep at all. And, last but certainly not least is my absolute favorite travel bag and one I use for work as well. Next week, I’ll be sharing more details about the trip and what else I am packing.