Airplane Necessities

Last week the hubs and I flew to Mexico City for my best friend’s wedding.  When traveling on the plane I always want to make sure I am comfortable for whatever temperature I may come across.  Here are my necessities when flying.

Airplace Necessities

J Crew j crew jacket

Madewell scarve

Kiehl s lip treatment
$15 –

What are your flying necessities?  Thanks for reading
XOXO, Noelani
  • Reading material! Must have for me. I fly with 1 -2 physical magazines (for that annoying period where all electronics must be powered down) and then my Nook which is loaded with magazines and books. I also think headphones are a must in case you get a chatty Cathy next to you!

    • noelani

      Yes, magazines are good! And, I didn’t think about the headphones but fantastic idea!