Baby & Mama Style-Cold Weather Accessories

This is London’s first year for cold weather accessories. So, clearly I have felt the need to go overboard for the babe.  We haven’t bought everything on the list below but pretty close.  There’s a few more things we will need to add as the weather gets colder, and colder, and colder.

BabyStyle-Cold Weather Accessories
1. Sherpa Bear Hoodie–  This is our absolute favorite jacket for London. It’s so cuddly soft and she freaking loves it! Every time we try to take it off her she starts to cry.
2. Sherpa Bootie– Just as soft as the jacket to keep those cute baby feet warm and toasty!
3. Polar Bear Hat–  Who can resist a polar bear on top of your baby’s head?
4. Polar Bear Mittens– And, who can resist a polar bear on your baby’s hands?
5. Cashmere Hoodie– The babe would be super duper warm in this hoodie. Although, I don’t even own a piece of Cashmere.
6. Favorite Cashmere Blanket– This could be perfect to cover up for stroller walks.
7.Fur Hat with Ears– Super soft and oh so pretty.
8. Fur Collar– Clearly not practical but so chic’.
9. Baby 7 A.M. Enfant- Think of all the snow angels your babe could make wearing this snow outfit!
10. Baby 7 A.M. Enfant Mittens– Not only warm but also water repellent.
The only cold weather accessories I ever need are gloves and a hat each and every year.  It’s because I lose my gloves and hat each and every year.  So, here’s my roundup of what’s on my list.  I guarantee whichever ones I buy will be MIA come March, but this always gives me an excuse to buy new every year!
Mama Style
What are your favorite cold weather accessories?
Thanks for reading and Happy Monday!!!!
  • So I could match London. I inadvertently bought a hoodie with ears….It was a cute, fuzzy, warm hoodie on sale at this local boutique. It wasn’t until I had it on at the bar that someone asked me what I was wearing. I said a hoodie. They said – IT HAS EARS! Um, yeah. Totally didn’t notice that….

    • noelani

      I am dying laughing right now!!! This is hilarious! Maybe you and London can share with each other. I need a pic of you in that hoodie!

  • Julie

    You forgot your favorite accessory – you know the ticket to Hawaii!

    • noelani

      Yes, that is the most important accessory of all! If only I could get 3 of those!

  • Okay so I’m not ready for winter…. but these accessories are too cute!! I love all of the pieces you picked out for London- she obviously needs all of them! You guys are going to be the cutest mother-daughter pair ever this winter.


  • Oh these are all just the cutest! Anything with ears on it for the babes and I’m sold. And that hat with the bow on it for momma is darling!

    • Thank you Laura!!! Little kids have the cutest clothes ever!