Beauty Favorites

Normally I wouldn’t consider myself a product junkie, more of a clothes junkie, but I find myself gravitating more and more towards wanting to try different products.  It could have something to do with the fact that I feel my skin is changing more than ever and with social media these days it’s a lot easier to see how different products work and look. I am going to start a new series on different products I am trying and using and here’s the first one.  Several of these have been my mainstays for a while and a few are new to the lineup.


1. Urban Decay Naked 3– Like everyone else in the world I wanted this as soon as it came out but I had just bought several new eye shadows so I had to wait until the other ones accidentally broke to pick this palette up.  I have Naked 2 and used it to the bare bones.  This palette is everything everyone has said about it, and I have a hard time choosing which colors to use because I love them all. The shades are rose colored and perfect neutrals. You can YouTube all sorts of videos showing you different ways to wear this palette.  The palette comes with a  double-ended shadow/blending brush and a sample of all four of their eyeshadow primers.  I am not sure if it’s the shadow or the eye primer but my shadow has actually stayed in place for the entire day since wearing these new colors.

2. CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Lipstick– I absolutely love CHANEL lipsticks for the hydrating factor. Most lipsticks dry my lips out by the end of the day, but this lipstick has never done that before. I wouldn’t say it’s extremely long wearing but I’ve yet to find a lipstick that lasts all day. If you know of one, please let me know.  The color I have been wearing this Summer is EMOTION.

3. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser– When I first heard about this I thought it must be a joke. What product could actually erase your pores? I decided to try it out, and am happy that I did.  I wouldn’t say it’s complete perfection but it does do a nice job of smoothing out the pore area. I have large pores and this does diminish them, but it definitely doesn’t erase them.  This might actually be perfect for someone who has smaller pores.

4. NARS Pressed Powder–  I starting wearing NARS a few years ago based off a friend’s recommendation and I absolutely love the way it feels and looks. I was a MAC loyalist before I discovered NARS and it’s been amazing so far. This powder is perfect to carry in my work bag during the day and it never makes my face feel greasy or overdone. I am currently wearing the BEACH shade.

5. Lacura Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Cream– Before I started using this cream I was using Boots. No 7 from Target and absolutely loved it so much.  The only thing I noticed was that my face was starting to get pretty oily during the day. My mom told me about this cream called Lacura from Germany that they sold at Aldi of all places.  One of her friends had told her about the product and she had been using for a few weeks and was very happy with the results.  I did some research and it looks like they have done clinical trials with the product and it’s even compared to doing just as well and in some cases better than the Boots line. The cream is actually cheaper than the Boots line as well coming in under $10. I’ve only been using for about three weeks now but so far my face has been hydrated and doesn’t seem to be as oily as with the Boots line.  I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going.

6. NARS Tinted Moisturizer– Another NARS product I started using about the same time as the powder.  My only complaint is in the Winter I like a bit more coverage and this is pretty light.  I plan on trying this bareSkin from bareMinerals as we get closer to Fall/Winter.

7. Clean and Clear Acne Spot– Unfortunately, I get adult acne from time to time which is obviously extremely annoying.  It’s actually been worse since I had London but whatever I still need to get it off my face ASAP.  This spot treatment works wonders.  I have tried so many different products for this and I always end up going back to my $5 acne spot treatment.  It has literally rid some of my acne within 24 hours. I love it and I need it unfortunately.

8. Burt’s Bees Cleansing Towelettes– Back in May when I was traveling for work I bought these towelettes because I didn’t feel like packing my face wash. They did a wonderful job of getting all my makeup off and smelled so nice and fresh.  I carry them from time to time still when I want to freshen up during the day. I am normally not a fan of these towelettes because I religiously wash my face twice a day, but I will be using these when I need something easy and light to carry.



If you are wanting to make an investment in your skin care then these two items are crucial and must haves. I think I would die without them seriously. I swear by both of them. They are both costly, but again one of the best investments you can make for your skin.


1. Clarisonic Mia I have been using the clarisonic now for several years.  I don’t actually use it everyday but usually every other day.  It cleans like it’s on steroids. Your face will feel absolutely amazing afterward and will be so clean.  Watch how it works here and then go buy one.  Nordstrom has the Mia on sale now during their anniversary sale, so it’s the perfect time to pick one up.

2. Clarisonic Opal– I started using the Opal about 5 months ago and have noticed a HUGE difference in the lines under my eyes.  This product is worth every penny it costs.  It does come with a eye serum which I have actually been using and actually really like, but you can use it with your regular eye cream. I use mine twice a day when I apply the eye serum, first thing in the morning, and at night before bedtime. I can’t say more great things about the Opal just that if you are concerned about wrinkles and fine lines then get this now.  Nordstrom also has this on sale now during anniversary and it’s an amazing price plus it’s a cute blue and comes with a fun bag.

What are your favorite beauty buys?

This post is not sponsored, just wanted to share my thoughts with you.