Birthday Wish List

Happy Hump Day.  Just a few more days till the shin dig and big girl changes are already happening.  Today London went to the Toddler room for the first time (excuse me while I shed a tear) and rocked it out. I was so afraid it wasn’t going to go well because she started crying as soon as I started to walk away. She’s really going through the separation anxiety stage right now and she did not want me to leave her this morning.  Daycare called me a few hours later and emailed me some pictures of her playing with her friends.  Made me feel so much better. She even took a nap like a big girl on the cot.

We’ve had a lot of fun this week so far celebrating her birthday.  Yesterday we had a girls day and went shopping and out to lunch with mimi. London had her first taste of what you do doing your birthday week.  You eat crap. Normally, I’d be against this type of thing but this is a special week obviously.


She actually didn’t even eat the cookie.  All she wanted was to lick the sprinkles off and eat those.  Just like mommy.


 After the cookie extravaganza we went to Barnes and Noble because I wanted her to pick out a birthday book.  As soon as I let her go she immediately went over to an isle full of stuffed animals. I knew what was coming next and before I could stop her she had picked up some sort of Hello Kitty rolly polly thing and was sucking it’s face.  So, we ended up with a birthday book and a Hello Kitty rolly polly thing.


I am just finishing up a few party preparations that include a little glitter. Oh, how I love glitter. Oh, how the hubbs does NOT like glitter.

And, last but not least London’s little wish list.


1st Birthday
Janod Alphabet Puzzle – I love the idea of this wooden puzzle and the big bright letters.
Minnie Mouse Shopping Cart– Every girl needs a little shopping cart to roll around the house.
Gap Pajamas– The cutest little bunny pajamas.
Radio Flyer Wagon–  The mack daddy of all wagons. This bad boy has an umbrella shade, padded seats, and even a drink holder for a beer or two. Yes, I just said that.
Pink Wooden Mobile Phone–  London is always wanting to play with our phones and this one even has a real ring tone. Plus, it’s educational at the same time.
Thanks for reading.
  • Sarah Harrison

    Henry cried EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire school year when I dropped him off at Mom’s Day Out each day…it became rather funny after a while. I love that wooden alphabet and Henry LOVED stacking blocks at that age – the big sturdy thick cardboard ones.

    • noelani

      Every day?? Poor Henry and poor you! This could be a long year if she does that. Yes, my mom got her some stacking blocks! Thanks!