DIY Cat Tail & Ears


 Supplies Needed:
Glue Gun
Piece of fabric of your choice
Cotton Stuffing
Roll out fabric to desired length of tail
Align cotton stuffing along inside of fabric
Keep rolling fabric and cotton together until they have formed a long tail
Use glue gun to glue end of tail together


For Ears Supplies Needed:
Piece of matching fabric
Glue Gun
Piece of Pellon
Trace desired ear shape onto piece of Pellon and cut out 2 pieces
Use Pellon to make same shape on fabric and cut out 4 pieces
Using the glue gun, glue one piece of leopard fabric to each side of pellon making two ears.
Glue each leopard ear onto headband

I have been trying to come up with a Halloween costume for London for several weeks now. I didn’t want to pay much for a costume she will wear for 5 minutes probably so I decided to make my own. Unfortunately, I don’t sew so I needed something easy and practical. I decided to go with a kitty cat and was lucky enough to find a black tutu and long sleeve top from H and M. The headband I found at Wal Mart and made my own leopard ears to put over the pink ones. Both ears and tail took me less than 15 minutes to make last night. MEOW.