DIY Gold Bookshelf

When we started to redecorate the living room the one thing I really wanted was a gold shelving unit. I have seen them before on different blogs and knew I had to have one. I also saw one at Pottery Barn Kids, but didn’t want to pay the $600 asking price.  This IKEA hack was super simple and best of all cost under $100. I am still in the process of decorating the shelves and finding cute little things to put on them. The decorating is the best part right? But, it’s super stressful decorating shelves. You think it would be easy, but it’s not. Once I have that part figured out I’ll do a post on shelf decorating but until then here’s the gold shelf.  I tried to take the pictures when the lighting was good so it would look as genuine as possible.



IKEA Vittsjo Shelving Unit
Gold Spray Paint- 3 Cans
Drop Cloth or Old Sheet


1.Assemble the shelving unit according to the package directions and lay out the drop cloth or old sheet.

2.Spray paint in 3 light coats on all sides. Be careful not to get too spray happy because then you will  have spray paint in clumps.

3. Let each side dry about 1/2 an hour before moving onto the next side.

4. When the unit is dry insert the glass shelves and have fun decorating.

There are several different types of gold spray paint on the market that give different finishes.  I actually tried a few others before I decided on the Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Paint. It just depends on what finish you are trying to go for. I wanted more of a metallic bright gold finish.

That’s all there is to the shelving unit.  So incredibly easy and cheap.


  • Sara Mueller

    They are so beautiful! And great job on the styling!

    • Oh thank you! It takes a lot to style the shelves!

  • I’ve been contemplating this DIY for awhile now! I recently goil foiled the legs of an ikea desk to use as a tv console and it was quite the ordeal for me haha. I love the way you have your shelves styled 🙂

    26 and Not Counting

    • Ha! This was seriously so easy, you could definitely do it! I love IKEA hacks! Thanks, the decorating really did stress me out:)

  • I love this!! Also, you get an A+ in styling with all of those books and your foo dogs!! I’ve really been wanting a book shelf like this for a while. I definitely have ideas for getting one in my future home’s office.

    • Oh thanks so much Cassandra! You would love it!