Le sac en papier(Purchased mine at Merci/Merci Notebook/Longchamp Le Pliage/Saint James Top(Purchased mine from the Saint James store in Normandy)/How To Be Parisian(Parisian Version)/Diptyque Candle(Purchased at the original Diptyque store in Saint Germain)/Diptyque Body Wash/Cèline Knot Bracelet/Louis Vuitton Sunglasses/Repetto Michael Loafers

Finally, I have a post put together which shows all my favorite purchases from Paris. Before we went I had a list of places I wanted to shop and things I wanted to buy. I am happy to report I checked off most of those purchases much to my husband’s dismay and his wallet. Let’s talk about shopping in Paris can we. It’s everything you think it would be and more. I have decided that if I could actually go to Paris once every two years to shop I would actually be saving money because I wouldn’t feel the need to buy anything here. Paris is a place where you can buy those items that you will keep forever because they are investment pieces yet seem so understated. My absolute favorite store was Isabel Marant and Comptoir Des Cotonniers (sadly no U.S. site available) followed by Repetto for shoes and Merci for everything else. I thought the best place to shop was in Saint Germain where you can find Cèline, Prada, YSL, and Ferragamo all located across the corner from each other. If you follow me on Instagram you can see that I may have picked up a few handbags from this corner.  I should also mention that I used 3 excuses the whole time we were there when I wanted to buy something: 1. I only turn 40 once, 2. This is an investment piece you can only buy in Paris, 3. I can hand this piece down to London.  The hubs has already informed me these excuses will not work here in the United States.  I also discovered a few things about French fashion while I was there, some I knew but others I needed to confirm for myself.

1. French women do not carry around handbags with labels(LV, Chanel, YSL, you won’t find them). Most of the women carried Longchamp bags. I saw one fringe bag and it was an American carrying it around.

2. French women really do wear scarves and they look marvelous.

3. French women wear trench coats either black or tan.

4. French women wear some sort of flat shoes or sneakers(Converse and Stan Smith were the most popular).

5. French women really do make dressing look so effortless yet sophisticated and polished.

In regards to #5, they make the art of dressing look so amazing that it’s almost annoying at the same time. Even the hubs commented on how beautiful the French people (men and women) are and how they dress. One day we sat at our favorite spot at Cafe de Flore and just people watched for 2 hours. People watching means looking at the outfits they are wearing and wondering why we can’t look like that. I tried taking pictures of all the women walking by, but then felt like a stalker so I stopped. Since returning I have tried to rethink my wardrobe and rethink my clothing purchases which is more difficult than you would think. In Paris it seems so easy to do this and so easy to dress simplified but in America it’s a much different way of thinking. We are constantly being taught that we have to buy for each Season and that we always need something new to wear. Maybe we definitely need to take lessons from the French, I know I have.

  • I have that same Longchamp but I haven’t used it in a few years. This post makes me want to get it out, clean it up, and start using it again. It’s a great bag.

  • Great post!! The french really do make fashion so effortless. Investing in basic pieces is so key!

  • Sara Mueller

    Love love your purchases!

  • these photos are so beautiful! i absolutely love all of your purchases, especially the bracelet and loafers!