Friday Favorite Links



DIY/ Try this for Fourth of July inspiration.
HOME/Loving this gold flatware from Target.
BABY/I have currently started planning for London’s big girl room. It’s not happening anytime soon but I figure I might as well start thinking about putting it together.  I am obsessed with this donut one of course! I mean who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with a gazillion donuts.
SHOP/Needing a fun tank for the 4th? Love this one from Meg Biram.
DRINK/Are you a smoothie junkie or need a kick start to become one? Try this 30 day challenge.
This week the hubs and I have both been traveling for work and basically passed each other in the air. Looking forward to relaxing this weekend and hitting up our favorite pastime the pool. It’s free, you can bring your own cocktails, and London loves the water. I am also in the process of trying to organize and clean out all the crap we’ve accumulated over the years.  I am taking it room by room so I figure I’ll be done in about 2o years but at least I’ve started. Hopefully you have something fun planned this weekend!  Thanks for reading.