Friday Favorites

Invite1{Prepping London’s birthday invitations to go out}


{After the endless search finally finding these darling snow boots from Joules}


{Loving this new book I was given about the history of LV bags}


{Starting to plan our 5 year anniversary trip back to Maui this year}


{Finally tasting these Sugar Plum Preserves with crackers and savoring each bite}

Well, we are sort of on the mend to recovery from all of our sickness.  I’d like to actually leave the house this weekend and go do something providing it’s above 10 degrees.  I am so ready for Spring!

Hoping you have a warm and sick free weekend.

  • Julie

    Glad to hear you are all on the mend…stay warm! It’s just 52 in Wahiawa this morning. Love the invitations for London and yikes – snow boots!

    • noelani

      That is cold for you! How are the waves?!?! Stay warm yourself. I’d rather be where you are!!!

  • Andrea

    Love, love, love the boots! I have also been searching for snow boots but they are all so blah! Thanks for the share!

    • noelani

      Thanks! They are super comfy too! Plus, on sale! Can’t beat that!!!

  • Boots look adorable. I should definitely invest in a pair. Love the look of the invites…sadly I am quite certain Mother Nature is slowly killing me with this bitter cold. This from someone who doesn’t even hate winter!

    • noelani

      Yes, you know it’s bad when you’re complaining about the cold!!!