Friday Favorites

Being that St. Patrick’s Day is only a few days away and one of my favorite holidays I dedicate today’s favorites to all things St. Patty’s.  Today is also the hubs birthday so we will be celebrating all weekend long.  Hoping you have a great weekend.


{Love this St. Pat’s themed bento box}


{These remind me of going to McDonald’s when I was little to get a shake}


{Top 10 things to do in Dublin from local chef Donal Skehan}

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{My favorite flavor of ice cream}


{Six different recipes using Bailey’s Irish Cream}

Thanks for reading.

  • Julie

    Sending Nathan lots of ALOHA for his birthday! Enjoy the weekend and the luck of the Irish. Just might have to try some of the bailey’s recipes – just happen to have a bottle here.

    • noelani

      Don’t the recipes look delicious! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!