Friday Favorites


{I love buying tulips from Trader Joes to start the weekend off right}


{So excited to receive these wide mouth vintage mason jars from Nathan’s grandma}


{Afternoon froyo always does the trick}


{How darling is this Candy Kirby Doll which I am considering for London}


{Look how fancy and fun my camera would look with this sequin strap}

Other Favorites

Food/Dying to try this recipe for Vietnamese Caramel Pork Stir Fry-O.M.G

Beauty/Seriously thinking of investing in this Skincare Steamer. I get tired of putting my face over a hot pot of water.

Travel/Getting super excited to go here in a few weeks. This is an adults only trip. No baby this time around. Yes, we like to act like kids.

Fashion/Loving this article about how Jenna Lyons has transformed J. CREW into a cult brand.

Blog/Finding this blog and immediately obsessed.

Mom’s Day/I buy all my silver frames from Pottery Barn and they are on sale for 30% off now for Mother’s Day. Hint. Hint.

All I can say is I need a vacation. Happy Friday.