Friday Favorites


My favorite all time Christmas movie.  Every year I am start watching A Christmas Story at 7pm on Christmas Eve and don’t stop for 24 hours.  Guess who’s wearing this to partake in festivities this year?!?!


Beautiful rows of orchids at The Fresh Market.


If you follow  me on Instagram then you saw this picture already but it’s too cute not to share again!


My newest favorite nail color for Fall- OPI, In the Cable Car-Pool Lane.


DIY Teacup Candles. These are going to be my next DIY project. I have several teacups from my grandmother that I would love to display like this.

The leaves are starting to turn and the temperature has fallen.  I plan on staying warm this weekend by the fireplace, taking our family pictures, and maybe visiting a pumpkin patch.  If you haven’t had a chance to vote on which outfit for London please do so here. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend! XOXO,