One of the day trips we will be taking from Paris will be to see the Palace of Versailles, the famous home of Louis XIV. The town is only about 45 minutes by train from Paris, but will be an all day event. We plan to leave Paris on the early train a little before 8, that way we are at the Palace when the gates open. There’s a market in Versailles where I hope we can stop on our way to the palace to pick up items for a picnic on the grounds. It doesn’t look like there’s a ton of food options at the palace, so a picnic seems like the way to go. I bought two different tickets for the day, one is the Passport ticket, which allows access to the palace itself and everything else on the grounds. The other ticket I bought is for a private tour of the king’s apartments. From the various sites I’ve read the palace is extremely crowded but the private tour allows you a little bit more privacy, and it was only an additional $7. You can’t buy tickets online until exactly three months from the day you plan to visit, so I just purchased our tickets this weekend. I can’t believe our trip is less than 3 months away now and I am getting more excited by the day. I still have a few more things to plan and train tickets to buy, but things are all coming together perfectly.


Train Information


  • Julie

    Aloha Looks incredible! Have you ever seen the apps for museums etc. They are wonderful we used the one when we went to Barcelona. It was called Musmon Com was about 1.99 for iphone. The cool part is you can read about the place and then when there we stood outside and it is a tour guide on your phone with video and audio. Amazing technology. The countdown to your trip continues!~

    • Oh thanks Julie! I will definitely check this app out.

  • It looks amazing! I’m hoping my mom will want to venture there with me while we’re in Paris!! Thanks for the info!

    • Thanks Natalie, I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  • Sara Mueller

    This sounds perfect! I’m definitely taking notes from you for our trip!

    • Thank You Sara! Won’t be long for you!

  • So looking forward to all the instas that will be filling up my feed from your trip!!