On Saturday we celebrated London’s third birthday with four of her friends all dressed up as Princesses. She had the best time and I can’t tell you how much of a joy it is to watch your child get so excited and understand what a birthday is all about. This year she definitely knew it was her birthday. She woke up Saturday morning asking when her party was starting and what time her friends were coming over. She helped me get ready and even helped me sweep, but it’s only because she was excited. When I asked her how she wanted to decorate for her party she said like a princess, so we did a princess theme.  I didn’t want to go too overboard on all the princess stuff so we incorporated lots of pink into the decorating as well instead of just all Disney princess. I asked all her little friends to come over dressed in a princess dress and they all looked so cute and precious. The day of her party we went to Target and she saw this Ariel dress and asked if she could wear that for the party, so she did. And, she also slept in the dress and wore it the next day as well. I actually had to hide it so I could wash the damn thing yesterday before she put it back on again.

I found the tassel garland at Hobby Lobby, the big balloons at Michael’s, and made the cake and cupcakes myself. I ordered the number 3 glitter cake topper from Confetti Momma Party on Etsy and made the cupcake heart toppers myself. I took some left over craft bags, added a princess sticker, and filled them with a few goodies for the girls to take home.  Before we ate cake and cupcakes I served the girls homemade mac and cheese( I use the brown rice penee pasta and swiss/gruyere cheese from Trader Joes) and chicken nuggets with applesauce. They also had strawberry milk and juice boxes along with a fruit platter. Today is London’s actually birthday so we are just going to have a low key dinner and open a few other presents. I can only imagine her birthday’s are boing to be more exciting as the years go by, but this was truly one of those magical days that we wanted to last forever. Happy Birthday my sweet princess.

  • Julie

    So love all the decorations and SMILES!!! You can feel the excitement.

  • so adorable!
    I love how you did the princess theme subtly, but still super obvious and cute 🙂 what a great idea for a party