Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! We have been celebrating all week around here. It’s London’s first Halloween and I made sure to take advantage of having an excuse to get holiday crazy. Every night this week we’ve been reading a new Halloween book, or I’ve been reading and London has been chewing the pages.  We’ve made sure to eat our way through the week with candy and cake. London had a Halloween parade at school where she dressed up in her ladybug costume, but did not think it was a cool thing to do.  Tonight we are taking London to a Halloween trick or treat around the town square providing it’s not raining it’s ass off like it has for the past 24 hours.  And, the best treat of all- my mom and brother are coming for the weekend! We are so excited since Brett hasn’t seen London since she was 2 months old.  Poor dad can’t come and we will miss him dearly!  Anyways, here’s our week in pictures!







She clearly loved wearing the ladybug costume.

Happy Halloween to all you ghosts, goblins, and ladybugs!!!

Thanks for reading XOXO,


  • Julie

    So glad you are having lots of fun this week. Can’t wait to see anpoc with all 3 of you dressed up. Booooooo

    • noelani

      Thank you and loved your costume!