Holiday Sleepwear

sleepwearThe other night my girlfriend and I were exchanging texts about holiday sleepwear and if it’s justified.  I am a firm believer in cute pajamas and especially on Christmas morning.  There’s nothing like putting on a pair of holiday PJ’s to get you in the mood, whip up a hot chocolate, put on a holiday movie and it’s perfection.  I started to think more about what I was going to wear this Christmas but also what London is going to wear on Christmas morning as well.  Here’s some of my favorites so far.  Do you wear Christmas Pajama’s? What’s your favorite ones?

J. CREW Plaid Pajamas//J. CREW Brushed Wool Sweatshirt//J. CREW Fair Isle Leggings// Victoria’s Secret Dreamer Flannel in Lurex Plaid//J. CREW Factory Pajama Set//Victoria’s Secret Fireside//Gap Kids Christmas Reindeer//Gap Kids Christmas Fleece Set//J. CREW Girls Glow In the Dark Pajamas



  • Amanda

    Love christmas pjs. Def a must.