The other night the hubs and I were talking about how we would miss these IKEA Billy Book Cases he put together if we ended up moving.  I realized then that I never did a blog post about these and haven’t really shown many updates we’ve done over the past 6 months. So, I guess before we move and have to start all over I’ll show you a few of the changes we’ve made to the house. I will definitely say these bookshelves are one of the best investments we’ve made in the last 4 years. I think for all of the book cases including the lighting above the shelving it came out to around $500. The one thing I love about these bookcases is you can literally build them anyway you want. Each unit is individual so you can piece the book cases together as you’d like for the space you are fitting. Besides the affordable price they are very easy to install. It only took the hubs part of an afternoon to get the whole unit up with the lights attached. I love the directions that come with IKEA packages, they are basically idiot proof. I am still wanting curtains and a new carpet for this area, but since we are considering moving I don’t think that will happen at this point. I had a few people ask me where we got all the books and decor for the shelves. Thankfully, the hubs is a complete book worm so he had a ton of books in storage in the basement and I am obsessed with pretty coffee table books, so had a collection myself. As for the decor I went around throughout the house and grabbed pieces from different rooms. I also picked some things up at Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Pottery Barn, and Anthropologie.


  • LOVE how this looks!! Fabulous!

    Annie Reeves

  • We looked at a house that had bookshelves like these and my Husband was all, what would we do with those? As I was dreaming of pinterest worthy shelf styling 😉

    • Lol!!! Thankfully the hubs was okay with the shelves.

  • Sara Mueller

    It looks awesome! We did a similar project in North Carolina!

  • LOVE! Your shelf styling is on point! I’m buying an ikea shelf for my bedroom and can’t wait to set it up.

  • These look amazing, can’t believe they’re ikea. You styled them perfectly!

    • Thank you Whitney! I know! I was so excited when we saw them at IKEA.

  • I looks so incredibly good Noelani! I love how it pops against the dark walls too. Thanks so much for the inspo, hoping we can recreate it in our home!

    • Thank you Mandy! I can’t wait to find out what you guys do!

  • Kathy

    Your bookcase looks fantastic! I love the way you style it and arrange the books, etc. it looks like it is right out of a magazine. And I LOVE your collection of couture books like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc. I would lov to have so,w books like that. Very elegant!

  • Betsi

    Wait, wait, wait. You want to cover your hardwoods with carpet??

    • No, No, No… I meant a rug, not carpet.

  • the real question is, where did you get that adorable tiny pink piano?? it’s too cute!

    • Ha! Thanks, London’s grandma bought it for her birthday last year.