Last year I bought this table for London and have been wanting to paint it ever since, but never got around to doing anything. A few weekends ago she went to stay with her grandma for a few days so I thought that was the best time to give this IKEA Latt Table a little makeover and surprise her for an early Valentine’s gift. The hardest part about this was deciding what colors to actually do because I wanted the colors to last a few years and not get sick of them after 6 months. I ended up going with a dark stain for most of the body, painting the table legs a white, and the chair legs a rosĂ© tone. The whole thing from start to finish took about two hours to complete, but remember I already had the table put together. The total cost for the table and paint cost $35 and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. There’s a few places where the paint isn’t straight and I need to probably redo at some point, but for now it will work.


This is what the table looked like beforehand.


I started out by taping the table and the chairs and all the pieces I didn’t want to get covered with paint. These are the only 3 items I needed to buy: Miniwax Jacobean Stain, Sample paint color, and bag of rags to use with the stain.


I also taped the legs of the chair where I wanted a separation between the stain and the paint color.


If you’ve never stained before it’s actually pretty simple. Just dip the rags into the stain and rub along the wood making it as dark or as light as you like.



I added a few decorations to the table, this cute tassel garland from Target, and a bucket full of crafts and it’s all set for Valentine’s.

IKEA Latt/Pottery Barn Chairbacker/Lulu and Georgia Sheepskin/Pottery Barn Kids Pillow/Target Garland

  • ah that is so cute! I really want a little table like this for my daughter

    • Thank you so much Alysa!!!

  • Julie

    This is adorable! Great job she is going to have many happy times at this table!