It’s Birthday Week Time

All this week I am dedicating my posts to all things London.  It’s her birthday week after all so that means we have already started the celebrations around here! Yesterday, we went to take her first year pictures and it was a total bomb. More on that later.  In keeping with the spirit of picture taking I’ve rounded up my favorite pics from her newborn and 6 month sessions.  Actually they are all my favorite but I’ve managed to narrow them down a bit.

London was 11 days old when we took these pictures and the session lasted 4 hours.  Yes, she stayed still and slept this entire time.  I look back at these pictures now and can’t even remember her ever being this tiny.  Man, this is going to be an emotional week.  A little tear comes to my eyes just thinking about the past year.





 The 6 month pictures we had to take two times. The first time we did it around 5:30PM which I knew was a horrible idea.  We got through about 15 minutes of pictures outside and then she was done.  So, we did them again two weeks later at the photographer’s studio. The second time around went much smoother.




Yesterday we went to take her 12 month pictures at the studio.  OMG.  We were there maybe about 15 minutes before it happened. The studio was decorated so cute with purple, pink, and gold everywhere.  The cake was ready for the smashing with gold glitter and pink and purple icing.  London’s birthday outfit was darling on her and she even managed to keep her birthday crown on and then the bomb went off.  Meltdown City.  I have no idea what happened but all of a sudden London freaked out. She just stood there screaming and crying.  I literally had my mouth open for about 2 minutes just staring at her, because I couldn’t understand what was going on.  My mom asked what was wrong with her and I said I have no freaking clue.   Then she started scratching herself because that’s what she does when she’s upset so of course she started bleeding around her Exzema patches.  I had to strip her down and rub her with lotion to calm her down.  Finally, she stopped crying but she was having nothing to do with getting her picture taken.  So, we came home and didn’t get one picture.  We will try again in a few weeks.  I still have no idea why she freaked out but I guess she just wasn’t feeling the papparazi yesterday.  Maybe she knows she’s turning one and is just as upset as I am.

Happy Monday.