Keepin’ It Real

Being a parent can be a little overwhelming sometimes with everything going on, and at times you happen to forget things.  Specifically your wedding anniversary .  Yep, true story.

Nathan and I knew it was coming up but apparently we didn’t know the exact date because we both received this text yesterday morning from his mom-

                           text message


Say what?!?!  I called Nathan and asked if he received the text and he said yes.  I said, “Is today our wedding anniversary?”  To which he responded- NO, it’s tomorrow the 24th.  I said, “Ok good, that’s what I thought.”  After we hung up I thought about it for about 5 minutes and called him back. I told him to go look on the cork board where we have our Save the Date hanging up.  Unfortunately, this provided no help because it was a Save the Week that we sent out.  Shit.  How do we not know our own wedding anniversary.  I mean seriously. We’ve only been married 4 years.  Long story short… To figure out the actual date I went back on the calendar 4 years to 2009 and looked in September on a Wednesday and BAM!  Our anniversary is the 23rd.

I had planned on posting today which should have actually been yesterday about the man I love.  So, Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.  I can’t imagine this ride with anyone else but Nathan.  He is truly my best friend, has my heart completely and forever, and is the best dad EVER!  Not to mention the fact he’s as forgetful as me.  In case you’re wondering we spent the night laughing about the situation, eating fajitas, listening to Jack Johnson, and loving on the one reason we forgot in the first place.  Our precious little munchkin.  Here’s to many more years love and hoping we remember next year.

Hawaii Wedding Photography :: Kai-Photo

Hawaii Wedding Photography :: Kai-Photo

  • Liza

    Happy Anniversary! Did you buy the new JJ cd? Love it. Cheers to you guys:)

    • noelani

      Thanks! Yes, and we love his new CD. Let’s hope he comes back to concert!

  • Ha. This is awesome. I love it!

  • Julie

    WOW – 4 years already? Congratulations. Seems just like yesterday,,,,so what year are you planning to celebrate in Hawaii? Love to you both!

    • noelani

      Thanks! Can you believe it? Seems like yesterday you were telling me the kahu wasn’t there yet! We will be in Hawaii next year for our 5 year! I am already dreaming about being there. Aloha!