Latte Talk


So happy it’s the weekend, although I am pretty sure it’s supposed to rain all weekend. Our yard is so overgrown with weeds and I was hoping to get out and plant some flowers but not sure that will happen. Anyways, I guess we will stay inside and hopefully finish up a few house projects. I am still working on finishing my office, big surprise, and we still need to decorate the navy room now so maybe that will happen.

Thankful: Our Lilo is doing so much better this week. Thank you to all who emailed, text, and left comments about Lilo. She basically had to spend one night at the vet hooked up to IV, but is now home on steroids and doing amazing.

Drinking: Have you ever wondered if there are true benefits to drinking lemon water? Watch this and it will solidify the answer. I myself have been drinking more lemon water in the morning.

Shopping: Some great sales going on over the weekend you don’t want to miss! Madewell is having one of their best sales in my opinion through Monday. You will receive 20% off your purchase of $100 or more and 30% off your purchase of $200 or more. I am loving these sandals and these, this top, this top which is one of my favorites, and this eyelet dress.  J. Crew is also having a major sale with up to 75% off right now through Sunday.

Decorating: In case you missed Tuesday’s post on Sprucing up for Spring around the house.

Admiring: Loving these pictures from Paris right now, it’s absolutely gorgeous in the Spring. Actually, it’s gorgeous anytime of the year but I just love looking at these pictures. They are making me more excited for our trip in September.

Sweets: In case you’re in the mood for some baking this weekend. These blueberry tarts look incredible.