London 17 Months







london1Last month we had some photos taken of London that we just received back this week. My favorite thing about these pictures is how natural they look and how beautiful they came out in front of a few simple backgrounds. It’s also been several months since I’ve done a London update so I thought this would be the perfect time.

Age:17 months

London has become an INDEPENDENT WOMAN. Wow. This girl has major personality. I lay there at night wondering who’s personality she’s taking after more and it’s really the both of us. She is dramatic (maybe like her mother), very intuitive (like her father), daring, affectionate, strong willed, and has a heart of gold. The best part is I know her personality is only going to continue to shine through each and every day. People always told me this is such a fun age and I didn’t really know what they meant until now. We seriously laugh non stop at this child. I came downstairs the other morning and she had her blanket on her head walking around with her arms out like a mummy through the living room bumping into things.  Last week Nathan couldn’t find his wedding ring anywhere. We found it 3 days later in one of her purses along with 4 crayons and a dirty sock.

She eats like a champ thankfully and hardly ever discriminates. If you’ve been following the blog from the beginning then you know London has had horrible Eczema from day one. It’s at a point now where we have it under control most days but other days it’s flaring up. We also found out a few months ago she is allergic to all tree nuts. I am taking her to an allergist next month to test for other allergies which hopefully she doesn’t have. There are still some nights she tosses and turns all night because she’s scratching all night long. It’s so hard to watch such a happy child struggle with this damn Eczema. Hopefully we can get it figured out and get things calmed down for her.

The one thing I do know is she is completely my daughter. The girl loves all jewelry, shoes, and carrying around a purse through the house. She has a basket in the living room full of my old jewelry I’ve given her that she is constantly rummaging through and putting on while pulling the dog’s poor tail.  It’s hard to believe she’s already 17 months old and there’s days I wish I could just freeze in time.

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  • Amanda

    Those pics are so sweet!

  • Seng

    She is precious!!! They grow up so fast don’t they 🙂


    Seng |

    • Thank you Seng! Yes, you know how I feel. Too quick!!!

  • Aww she’s so stinkin cute!! I have no doubt she will continue to be quite the fashionista with a mom like you!


    • Thank you Kaitlin! Much to her fathers dismay let’s hope you’re right;)

  • Sara Mueller

    You daughter is beautiful! Little girls are so much fun. My daughter now wants to put on make up because she watches what I’m doing.

    • Thank you so much Sara! They are way too much fun! Your little girl is darling too!