London’s Birthday Recap

We are all still trying to recover from the best birthday party ever this past weekend. London’s party was so much fun and one of those special days you never want to forget.  I seriously still can’t believe she turned one and has survived with us an entire year.  We swear she has changed overnight and all of a sudden become a big girl. The day started out with daddy making birthday pancakes for our little munchkin and we gave her one of her birthday gifts.  I really wanted to give her our gift that morning before the party happened because I wanted it to be special for her. We gave her a Minnie Mouse shopping cart and she played with it for all of 30 seconds before moving on to something else.  So much for being special.



Thankfully she took a nice long nap before the party but had a mini meltdown as everyone started to arrive. She managed to pull herself together after about 15 minutes and was ready for her party debut.



Thanks to the help of ETSY and Pinterest my mom and I made all of the food and had a buffet of sweet treats. Cookies, cupcakes, cake, animal crackers, and birthday popcorn which I put in little to go bags.





detail1tassel garland

London,Nathan,Noeycardigan, plaid shirt, earrings, polo


She wasn’t sure about the cake at first but add a few blueberries to that bad boy and she was ready to tear it up.







By the end of the party she was a hot mess. Running around with her necklace, cake in the hair, and stains on the tutu.

presents4leggings, moccasins

Definitely the best birthday party ever and one to remember. I just really wish we could stop this moment in time and freeze everything as it is right now. Love you baby girl.

  • Julie

    WOW Everything looked wonderful! So glad she, you and Nathan enjoyed her special 1st birthday! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos with us.

    • noelani

      Thanks! It truly was a special day.