London’s Playroom

Several months ago we decided it was time to move London’s toys out of the upstairs living room and into a room where she’d have more space to run around, but more importantly a place to put all the CRAP toys.  I started looking online for some playroom inspiration and at the end of the day in my mind I had an over the top space that needed to be scaled down drastically.  I decided I wanted to go more plain jane with the play room furniture and spend a little more on the art work on the walls.  Over time I am sure the furniture and storage will change but hopefully the art will stay constant and I think it’s a perfect representation of London.  I was so excited also that I found two pictures by Ampersand Design, two local Kansas City girls who are amazingly creative and so cute!

playroomenhance1. I wanted some sort of playful and colorful skyline picture of the city of LONDON and I think this picture captures it perfectly.

2. I had this Ampersand Design alphabet picture personalized with London’s name at the top.

3. The gold glitter heart picture I made myself with some leftover glitter paper from London’s birthday party.

4. The giant Bonjour picture is from Home Goods because she had to have something French in the room.

5. The Sweet Pea picture came from my mom because her nickname for London is Sweet Pea.

6. I found the A & Z book holders on sale at Pottery Barn Kids for $12.

7. The lamp and pink storage shelf are both from Target.


8. The hula girl picture was an absolute necessity for our little Hawaiian munchkin.

9. I LOVE YOU Every day is another picture from Ampersand Design because I want her to know how much she is loved every single day!

10. The map of the world, which I also had personalized with her name,  is the first thing I wanted when deciding on art work. It’s very important to us that London knows there’s a whole world out there full of different cultures and that she can go anywhere she dreams to go.

11. The DREAM sign above the map is only fitting.

11. Underneath the map are 4 plastic picture frames I bought at target to display different artwork London brings home from school.  This way I can switch out things she’s made on different occasions.

princess castle

This princess castle I actually bought on black Friday for $15 because every princess needs a castle full of stuffed animals.


She loves doing these puzzles she received for her birthday plus they are so colorful and fun they sit on the floor permanently.


This standing bookshelf holds all of our favorite books to read.


I used the tassel garland from her birthday party to dress up the windows.


We are so happy with the way the room turned out and hopefully it will be a place where London can dream of all the places she will go on her map while looking out from her princess castle.

Thanks for Reading. XOXO.

  • Julie

    She is one very lucky little princess to have her playroom filled with so much love and inspiration for a life filled with dreams and possibilities! Great job Mom and Dad!

    • noelani

      Thanks Julie! A lot of thought went into the planning!