Early mornings are my favorite time of the day as it’s the only time I really have to focus on “me.” Three days a week I start my morning out at 5:30 with a cardio workout followed by a protein smoothie and coffee.  The other two days I don’t work out in the morning, I still try and wake up around 5:30 to enjoy the quiet of the house, read my favorite blogs, and brew a strong cup of coffee. Lately, I’ve been drinking the The Roasterie French Carmel Blend, however I always feel like I am on the never ending search to figure out how to make the perfect cup of coffee. When KitchenAid reached out to me and asked me to try the Pour Over Coffee Brewer I was absolutely on board. What I love about the Pour Over is that I instantly noticed a difference in my coffee over the drip maker I am used to using.  The KitchenAid Pour Over allows me to choose between medium or dark roast and how many cups I want to brew. The hubs, being a technical person, loves the LCD readability (please note: you don’t have to be technical to understand the display).  I started drinking pour over coffees several months ago when I was introduced to them by a friend. The pour over process is different in that it involves the technique of slowly pouring water over the ground beans to extract the flavor. While I’d love to sit in a coffee shop every morning waiting for my pour over, that is just unrealistic. The KitchenAid Pour Over allows me to brew a wonderful cup of coffee in the comfort of my own kitchen.

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  • We upgrade our coffee maker just about every year, this looks like a good one!