My HEART belongs to KC

royal1I am from Kansas City and I couldn’t be more proud.  We moved here in 1989 from San Francisco and 8 months earlier Houston. I was born and pretty much raised in Houston until I turned 13 and my dad’s job moved us across the country.  For the longest time when people would ask me where I was from I always said Houston. I never considered KC home until I was in college and it’s been home ever since. I met my husband in KC, have formed lifelong friendships in KC, and my daughter will be raised in KC.  And, this week after 29 years my hometown team is headed to the World Series! I never thought I’d be writing about baseball on my blog but the energy and excitement in the city is contagious! I’ve always known KC was the Midwest best kept secret and after this week so will the rest of the world! In case you aren’t able to make it to KC this week and are wanting to know what’s so great about this place, here you go.

1. We have the nicest people on the planet, so nice they will bring you homemade muffins and cakes when you move into your neighborhood. (True Story)

2. KC is a total foodie town and I don’t mean just BBQ.

3. We now have IKEA, so that totally means we are on the map!

4. KC loves to promote each other. We shop local wherever we can.

5. In my opinion KC is the prettiest place to be during the holidays because of the Plaza lights.

6. You can go out and order a cocktail for under $6.

7. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody- it’s like 6 degress of Kevin Bacon, everywhere.

8. Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis, Rob Riggle, and Eric Stonestreet all call KC home.

9. There are 4 true Seasons here which means I have 4 true Seasons of fashion.

10. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else(except Paris, but that’s for another day).

Go Royals and Go KC! Love Ya!

P.S. Don’t you love the cute little photo bomber in the corner.

  • Betsi

    I can comment!

    Have to appreciate #6! Surprised you left Kate Spade off #8! 🙂 Or Don Cheadle. He’s a personal fav. 🙂

    • Ha! I knew you would… Yes, I forget about Don Cheadle!!!!

  • Amanda

    GO Royals!!! I am loving the excitement and energy buzzing through our awesome city!!

  • Love this city so much. Go ROYALS!!!!! 🙂

    26 and Not Counting

    • Yes, such a great place to call home!!!

  • Lauren Ellis

    How fun! It’s looks like it was a great getaway.

    Love, lo