Our Family Photographs

Last month we took our first professional photos as a family since London was a newborn.  Clearly, we’ve taken photos over the past 9 1/2 months but professional photographer I am not, so I was so excited when we had this opportunity with the fabulous and talented Emily over at Peep Toe Photography. Being this was a really important first family photo and I knew they’d end up on our holiday cards I was in outfit planning mode.  No joke, I seriously thought about these outfits for weeks.  Actually, I lied.  It was London’s outfit I thought about for weeks.  What would the girl wear for her first family photo outdoors? I stressed about colors, shoes, whether it would be sweater weather or short sleeve weather. What kind of jacket, what kind of bow, etc. Basically, you get my point?!

The only outfits I didn’t plan out were mine and Nathan’s.  I literally threw these together that morning.  It wasn’t until we received the photos back that I realized I had my blazer on for most of the pictures because it was 30 degrees that morning.   Actually, it was Nathan who said something.  He said, and I quote, “Wow, we look really blue.”  Oops. Well, life goes on and I am still so happy with how the photos turned out.  Thanks so much Emily for capturing wonderful shots of our family and our little munchkin.









The winner of the Stella and Dot giveaway is Sarah Harrison! Congratulations and thanks to all who entered! Be on the lookout for some more giveaways coming in the next few weeks!

Thanks so much for reading,

XOXO Noelani

  • These photos turned out so cute! I really love the couch outside. And your daughter is absolutely adorable!

    • noelani

      Thank you so much Laura! I loved the couch outside too. So fun!