Our Weekend

weekend5There are blue fountains absolutely everywhere in the city for the Royals and I can’t get enough of them.

weekend8Saturday morning fun with this little sassy pants.

leavesThe leaves in our backyard changing colors and making this time of year even more beautiful.

weekend3I asked my dad to take one picture and he took five, all with our heads cut off.

IMG_8916Lunch at our favorite BBQ joint with my family while everyone was in town.

weekend9The sweetest little hug between a niece and her uncle.

weekend4Cute little mini pumpkins of which several are now on my coffee table.

weekend6A yummy apple tart which filled the kitchen full of fresh apple and cinnamon smells on Sunday.

This weekend went by so quick but I had the best time hanging out with my family. It’s rare we are all together for anything but the holidays so this was a wonderful exception. We spent the weekend watching baseball, eating our favorite foods, and enjoying the amazing weather. I am so sad it had to end and that we had to say goodbye to my brother until Christmas. Thankfully, my parents will be visiting for a few more days. Sunday nights are the worst though,  because I long for the weekend to continue and realize that Monday is closer that I want it to be.

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  • Julie

    Love the team spirit! Looks like you all had an awesome Fall weekend! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • We did and so much fun with everyone together!

  • Lisa Murie

    Ha ha… I almost took the same picture of the fountains at One nineteen. Love the ampersand girls tee too.

    • How funny! I loved those fountains, so pretty! Have a great week!