Our Weekend











There are those weekends when it seems we have nothing to do, this was not one of those weekends.  It was my ideal weekend with London and Nathan but we literally went from Friday night right up until bedtime on Sunday.  Friday night started at an outdoor plaza where London could run around with other kids and we could enjoy the happy hour that was taking place.  Saturday we went to our local farmers market for the weekly vegetable run, beautiful flowers,  and delicious pastries. Later that afternoon London and I went to a baby shower where she proceeded to go head first down a slide over and over again until someone asked me if she should be doing that.  After the baby shower we dragged her to the local meat market which is exactly what she wanted I am sure.

Sunday we started the day with homemade pancakes and a very large pot of coffee.  Later that day we took London to the aquarium where she tore it up. Last time we went she was only 8 months old so it was so much fun to see her all over the place this time and so excited about the fish.  For dinner I had Nathan grill, yes I know it was Father’s Day.  But, I did whip up this S’mores dessert.  If outdoor S’mores are your jam, then you will want to make this now.

Happy  Monday.

  • Your babe is so insanely cute!

    • noelani

      Oh! Thank you so much Meg!!! We think so;)