Our Weekend

week1 Our rose bush finally started to bloom in our front yard. It’s taken a while this year and I was afraid they were dead but thankfully they are going full strong.

week7I am still adding touches to the living room after I moved things around last weekend.  Basically, I am just taking things from around the house and trying to make it all work together.

IMG_6903Some friends of ours came over for pizza Saturday night. London is pretty much sitting at the table these days sometimes without the booster.

week3Sunday I ran to the store before everyone else got up and actually enjoyed about 20 minutes to myself to read the new Vanity Fair and enjoy some coffee and a pastry.

week2I recently started making brown rice, quinoa, and sliced avocado for lunch.  Sprinkle with a dab of low sodium soy sauce and it’s amazing. London loves it too so it will probably become a quick and easy go to for us.

week6These clips came in the mail on Saturday that I had ordered for London a few weeks ago on ETSY.   How darling are they? Let’s just hope she will actually wear them for more than 2 seconds without ripping them out of her hair.

week5Sunday afternoon we went to a birthday party that was outside and a gazillion degrees so when we got home I immediately went for the Trader Joe’s Lemonade and some blueberry ice cubes I had made.  So refreshing!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy Monday.

  • sarahfrances4

    that quinoa avocado salad sounds so good!

    • noelani

      Thanks Sarah and so easy which is the best part!

  • yum yum! i want some food w/ avocado now!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    • noelani

      Yes, and maybe Austin would like it too??

  • i would never have thought to just do rice & quinoa with avocado before, it’s so perfectly simple! sounds yummy and filling (both of which can be a little hard to achieve with healthy food, haha). beautiful pictures!!

    • noelani

      Thanks so much Laura! Yes super simple and so delicious!

  • Check out your new site design!! I have been trying to comment on posts for a few weeks with the old design, but I am so glad I am able to comment now! 🙂 Loving your beautiful photos, as always!

    • noelani

      Thank You!! Yes, still working on a few things so bare with me but hopefully it will get easier for you! Please let me know if it doesn’t… Have a great weekend Meg!

  • Blueberry ice cubes? YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND!! It looks like you guys had a fantastic weekend. I’m also loving that quinoa/rice/avocado recipe! I only have 15-20 minutes to eat lunch at school, and I’m always struggling to find easy recipes. I definitely need to try this. And London is so stinkin cute. I hope she keeps those darling bows in!


    • noelani

      Ha! Thanks Kaitlin. I hope she keeps the bows in too. And yes, you need to try the quinoa, you will love it! So easy… Oh, are you watching Ladies of London??