Our Weekend









We had the best time this weekend at our friend’s wedding. It was a super quick 24 hour trip but we managed to squeeze a few things in before the wedding. West Des Moines has one of the best French restaurant/bakeries I have ever been to filled with the best pastries and a menu full of delicious items like Croissant Sandwiches, Fromage Omelets, and French Toast.  We arrived just in time for lunch and made sure to fill a box of pastries before we left. After our lunch we went next door to the cutest little cheese store complete with cheeses and spreads from all over the Midwest. We managed to do a little more shopping before the wedding picking up a new book for London and some stationery for myself.  Even though it was a quick trip it was nice to get away. Hope you have a great Monday.

  • Betsi

    Um….you were in DSM and I did not know this!?!?? Noey!!!

    • Oh, oops. Is this near you??? Sorry! I had no idea!

      • Betsi

        Ha. Um, about a 40 min drive so yes! Very close. But sounds like you were up and back on Saturday/Sunday and we would have been at the lake for the weekend. Though we were back early on Sunday and I could have run down to see you!

        • Oh darn! Wish I would have known! Well, I will see you next month!

  • Sara Mueller

    great photos and weekend! that old navy dress is great! I can’t wait to wear it in Morocco!

    • Thanks! I used manual! Printed off your cheat sheets as a reference.

  • You always make me jealous of your weekend 🙂