Our Weekend{KID FREE}

Before I get to the kid free part let’s talk about the Fourth and what we did. The morning started out making things all red, white, and blue and with iced coffee no less.  That afternoon we went over to some friends of my in-laws who have a pool party every year.  Last year we went and only stayed about an hour because London was only about 5 months old and I was too afraid to keep her in the sun.  This year was totally different, I couldn’t get the girl to come out of the water.  Thankfully she absolutely loves being in the water but she also has no fear of the water either which scares me to death of course.  At one point she even walked up to the diving board but decided against it once she got to the end.  Later that evening Nathan and I went over to some friends and London went with my in-laws for the weekend.


outfit2Our 4th of July Style.  I picked up her suit at Gap Kids for $6!



outfit1Ready for the evening festivities.


The reason London went to our in-laws was because Nathan wanted to rebuild the deck and knew it would take the entire weekend. My in-laws were gracious enough to offer the whole weekend so I could get some things done as well. O.M.G.- I honestly didn’t realize how much time I don’t have until I had the time.  I actually got more accomplished this weekend than I probably have in 17 months.  Here’s what I did:

1. Cleaned out my closet and drawers, and actually drove the donated clothes to Salvation Army instead of them sitting in my car for weeks like normal.

2. Made an entire pot of coffee and had time to sit and actually drink the entire pot while enjoying some reading.

3. Cleaned out and reorganized the laundry room, I even hung 2 shelves in there to make things easier.

4. Cleaned out 4 kitchen cabinets putting them into either a donated pile or a maybe I’ll have a garage sale pile.

5.  Cleaned out London’s closet and cried as I was going through the clothes from when she was much smaller.

6. Spent 4 hours walking around Home Goods, World Market, and Pottery Barn and not worrying about being home at a certain time.

7. Did all of the laundry (about 11 loads) folded the laundry, and actually put the laundry away all in the same day.  This never ever happens. Usually it sits in the basket until halfway through the week and it’s almost time to do it again.

8. Went to Target 3 different times for really no reason at all except that I could.

9. Rearranged my cocktail table about a gazillion times because I can’t stand the way it looks, but I finally settled on something for now. I am currently on a Navy kick for some reason.

10. Then I rearranged the entire living room. Unfortunately, I am the type of person who gets annoyed and sick of decorations after about 2-3 years.  So, I decided to change things up a bit.  It’s actually amazing how much bigger it looks now. We had so much wasted space and now it seems to flow better. There are still a million things we need to do with it,  new couch pillows and a rug are the first thing on my list, but for now it works.



livingroom1Lilo photo bomb.

The main reason we sent her though was so Nathan could work on the deck and I am so proud of him.  He took on this project all by himself and worked for hours both Saturday and Sunday.  Although he isn’t finished and can barely walk right now it’s turning out to be incredible and we are going to absolutely love it so much.


I have to say it’s really amazing what you can get done without a child and I know it’s good to do this every now and then, but I missed my munchkin so much. I couldn’t wait to see her yesterday. Seeing that face was the best way to end my weekend.


Happy Monday!

  • Sarah Harrison

    OMG! Where are all the toys in the living room?!! It looks GREAT.

    • noelani

      LOL!!! I moved most of them down to the playroom in the basement. It was getting way tooo cluttered! Thanks! I am pretty happy with how it looks for now.

  • What a great weekend! That little suit for your munchkin is to die for. Do they make that in my size? 😉

    • noelani

      Haha, Thank You Meg! Toddlers always have the cutest clothes!