Sunday we packed up a picnic and headed to the annual Kansas City’s Big Picnic at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum. We did this picnic last year with friends and had such a great time that we knew we couldn’t miss this year. The picnic put on by KC Parks and Recreation is a great way to get the city together on the lawn of the art museum with music, games, and food trucks. It’s also a fun excuse to have a picnic and I am always looking for an excuse to have a picnic. I wanted to share some of my picnic essentials with you in case you are planning your own this Summer. I love this Madewell towel  for so many reasons, it’s so colorful with enough room to spread out and even though it’s a towel I have been using more as a blanket. I also have this one from Nordstrom and love also, it’s not as big as the Madewell towel but it’s perfect for using at a picnic. Second, is a cute picnic basket and market tote to carry all your food. You can find great deals on picnic baskets actually on Amazon like this wicker one complete with tableware. I use the market tote to pack my blanket, cheese board, knives, and bottles of Rosé. Some of our friends actually had these wine stake holders which were perfect and I am definitely picking these up for our next time. For food I prefer to keep it simple with a few kinds of cheese, sausage,fruit(watermelon is perfect right now since it’s so hot), crackers, a summer salad( I made this one here and it was delicious), and a deli sandwich. I also like to pack the food in bowls with lids to keep things organized and easy to pack up. I found these mixing bowls at Target and quickly snatched them up because the price point was a steal. I also make a note to bring little things such as napkins, extra paper bags for trash, a wine opener, and I always pack a bottle of Evian spritzer to spray on London when she gets hot. I am hoping the weather cools down some this month so we can have a few more picnics to enjoy and next time we are thinking a breakfast picnic with mimosas and croissants.