Snow Day Fun

Yesterday it started snowing in the early am and hasn’t stopped since.  Obviously, we were all at home and tried to make the most of our impromptu snow day.  It was so nice having the extra day to spend with London and the hubs.  First up, a little coloring station at the kitchen table.  The trick was to actually get the crayon on the paper versus in the mouth.

Londonsnow1Next up, London and Lilo spent some girl time bonding with each other.


Then we took some selfies.


London has never been in the snow before so we wanted to take her outside to see it for the first time. I haven’t bought her a snow suit yet because I figured we wouldn’t really need it until next year. So, basically we had to come up with other alternatives.  I put her in two pairs of pants, two sweatshirts, two pairs of socks, two unmatched mittens, and we wrapped plastic bags around her booties and held them together with chip clips.  Awesome.



londonsnow2She only lasted about 5 minutes but at least she touched the snow.  I don’t think she had as much fun as Lilo though.

snowday15After, we came inside for some hot cocoa by the fireplace.

hotcocoaAnd, ended the day with the hubs making his delicious chili.


Here’s to hoping for one more snow day!