Finally, I feel like I can say Spring is officially here, after what seemed to be the longest Winter ever. I can confidentially say that the weather affects my mood one hundred percent and I’ve really learned that in the last month. There were honestly days when I thought I might cry because it was cold and Grey and all I wanted to do was sit around and eat carbs. I was grumpy and moody and probably unpleasant to most of those around me, so I apologize if you were one of these people. All of a sudden this week the weather is in the 70s and all the trees and flowers seemed to have bloomed at once. Spring is my favorite time of the year so I am hoping it lasts for a while before we go right into the brutal temperatures of Summer. One note about Kansas City is that it’s also called the City of Fountains, and there’s actually one day dedicated to turning on all the fountains around the city. This is another sign that Spring has officially come to the city.


Waking up to the Sun shining through the windows

Hearing the birds chirping throughout our backyard

Having dinner on our screened in porch

Picnics at our favorite park after school and on the weekends.

Cold glasses of Rosé to start the Season.

Walking through our neighborhood and watching all the flowers bloom.

Sitting on our front stoop and watching London climb her favorite tree in the yard.

Hearing the laughter of London and the neighbor girl riding their bikes down the street and laughing.

Did I mention cold glasses of Rosé

We recently put a screen on our kitchen sliding door and I am so excited to just be able to leave the door open and let the breeze come through.




  • yesss! i feel the same. it’s been a long winter and spring is creeping into DC this week, thank god!