Style Icons

When I think about the women who are my “style icons” there are a few I picture right away. Kate, my absolute favorite, followed by Jackie, Audrey, and even Carrie Bradshaw in the last few seasons of SATC.    I love the way their style is effortless, classic, timeless, and even a mix of high end vs. low end. When I think about my style and what I prefer to wear you could classify it as simple and laid back, but I prefer to keep it classy. My ideal outfit is a great pair of denim, striped or silk top, blazer, and ballet flats,  I also believe in investment pieces as well that you can keep for years and will never go out of style: a classic Burberry, an Equipment silk top(although I plan on trying this one too), nude heels, and a classic handbag.   A few of these items I’ve added to my wardrobe this past year and others I plan to add in the coming year. It takes time to build a classic and well invested wardrobe but I am taking cue from these lovely ladies.





Who are your style icons?