Summer Sandals

Last year I didn’t buy any new sandals except for a random plastic pair from Old Navy.  I just didn’t find anything that I loved so I used ones that I had from previous years.  This year I am ready to invest in a new pair.  I am not a fan of the Gladiator look, and I don’t want anything with a heel. I am just looking for something basic yet eye-catching, comfortable, and something that I can dress up or dress down.  Here are the ones I am liking so far.





ONE– J.CREW, I like the look of the studs on this sandal although I worry it would give me weird tan lines.

TWO– Dolce Vita, this is about as basic as I have found. I’ve worn DV shoes before and they are pretty comfortable so I know what I am getting. Plus, I like the 3 strap detail on the front of the sandal.

THREE– Zara, I absolutely love this metallic look. It’s different than your basic brown and I think the most eye-catching of the four.

FOUR– Joie, I’ve seen this sandal in pictures on people and I love it, but I think it’s one you need to see in person.

Which ones do you think I should go with? Do you have a favorite sandal you could share?

Thanks for reading. XOXO

  • Sarah Harrison

    I can tell you that those J.crew ones will feel like you have nothing on…in a bad way. Flat flat flat foot bed and hard as a rock. I don’t think we do sandals well.

    • noelani

      Oh, good to know. Thanks, I can rule these out then.

  • I love number three. Metallics look good with everything & I love the simplicity of them.

    • noelani

      Thanks Emily! I think they do too!

  • Julie

    Aloha – I like #3 – very European looking; I too am on the hunt for a new pair of sandals have lots of flat ones but need a new wedge heel one. Guess we weren’t the two that one the mega millions so we need to wait for a good sale!

    • noelani

      Oh, you’ll have to share when you find a good pair!!!

  • Marnie L.

    Noey, I like 4. They will go with EVERYTHING and will look equally stunning with skinnys and a basic drapey tank as they will with a skirt or dress. They are Joie, so I can’t imagine their inexpensive….another place to look is Etsy. There is a shop from Greece (I think it’s called Greek Sandals…?) and there are some beauties in there, for around $50. Downside, of course, is I can’t vouch for their comfort….Good luck! I just bought a pair of Fryes on Piperlime using my Gap card points (so they were ‘free’). They are divine AND comfortable.

    • noelani

      Thanks Marnie! I do really love them, but they’d definitely be going over my weekly budget. I’ll check out the ETSY shop! Enjoy your new Frye’s. I bet they are comfy!