Saint Germain 8


Saint Germain Apt 6

Saint Germain Cafe Bonaparte


Parisian Street Light

Saint Germain Street Musicians

Paris Building

Saint Germain Laduree 6

Metro Sign



Luxembourg Garden

Luxembourg Gardens Day 2 Pic 11

Le Deux Magots 2

Merguines On The Street

Saint Germain Bookstore

Parisian Streets

Saint Germain Area 2

Luxembourg Gardens Day 2 Pic 14

I am finally getting around to posting some of our 2,000 pictures we have of Paris. The editing process has taken much longer than anticipated, but I hope to have at least one post a week on our trip for the next month(hoping being the key word here).  Needless to say it was hard adjusting to life when we got back and we are all finally starting to get back on schedule. I think the two weeks were a little harder on London than we thought it might be and she’s been suffering from some separation anxiety since we’ve been home. Bedtime has been taking at least 2 hours each night and then she’s been waking up at least twice in the middle of the night.  This past week she has finally started to sleep through the night which makes me feel so much better for her. So, sorry for a little silence on my end but sometimes that’s just the way life goes.

This first post is around Saint Germain, our most favorite part of the city. We stayed here for the first week in this airbnb and then moved over by the Eiffel Tower for the last week. However, we went back to Saint Germain every single day to hang out, walk around, and eat in the cafes. The area is so lively and chic, plus has some of the best shopping in my opinion. Next time we go, we will definitely be staying in Saint Germain the entire trip. The apartment we rented was in the best location and only a block away from the Luxembourg Gardens where we went a few mornings to walk around.  Everyone always wonders how the Parisians stay so slim, it’s because they all go running in the morning or evenings. The garden was always full of people first thing in the morning going for a run that it made me wish I had taken my running shoes. I’ll have a separate post on the gardens because you really can’t do them justice with only a few pictures. The gardens in Paris are unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been, much as everything else in Paris.  We’ve only been home a month from the trip, but I miss Paris deeply everyday. I think about it at least once and usually twice a day. I’ve had several people ask me since we’ve been home why I love Paris so much. There’s so many things I tell them but mostly I think Paris is one of two things: it’s a city where people don’t really care for it, or it’s the city that grabs a piece of your heart and never lets go. For me, it’s the latter. I’ve always loved Paris and my love only deepened on this trip. I miss the sounds of the city, the fresh flower markets everywhere, the people walking along the Seine, the beautiful art and architecture everywhere you turn, the smell of fresh bread first thing in the morning, and just the feeling I had when being there. Thankfully the hubby feels the same way about Paris as I do and we are hoping to make it back in a few years. I also can’t wait to take London one day when she’s a bit older and share the experience with her. You can also see more from our trip to Normandy here , my favorite places to eat in Paris here, and Paris at a glance here.

  • Sara Mueller

    so many pretty photos! I bet this trip was wonderful! I’ve been waiting for some Paris posts ; ). And I can’t wait to visit in just under 2 years.

  • Ah still so in love with Paris! I already can’t wait to return myself. Your trip seems so dreamy! I’d love to get an apartment next time instead of a hotel.

  • nicole glover

    Your pictures are stunning! This makes me want to visit France even more. Love this post!

  • You did such a great job with the pictures!!