The Big Debate






denim2When I first put this outfit on I debated over and over.  I walked back and forth to the mirror, put on the shoes, took off the shoes, and finally said to HE$! with it. Sometimes, the outfits I picture in my mind aren’t exactly what comes out when I see it in real life.  Don’t get me wrong I like the outfit but it looks a little more sloppy that I was hoping.  Plus, I was having a bad hair day which is why my hair is in a ponytail.  But, another outfit another day.  I am obsessed with this Tory Burch bag though, so that’s a plus.

Photos By: Melanie Knopke

J. CREW Endless Shirt//Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans//Banana Republic Denim Shirt//Target Pumps//Tory Burch Robinson//Warby Parker Sunglasses//Banana Republic Studs//J. CREW Necklace(Old)//Banana Republic Bracelet
  • Betsi

    If I were a purse person I would be all over that bag!