Thrifty Thursdays

Well, I had planned to do a wrap up of all my Thrifty Thursdays this week because I wasn’t planning on buying anything.  However, that did not go as planned.  I’ve mentioned before that I have been looking for a white handbag for the Summer and I found one last week that I really liked.  I have also been hoping to find something before we go on our vacation so it was perfect timing. When I told my husband I had bought another handbag he looked at me like I had horns coming out of my head and asked if I really needed another one.  Clearly, I do.  I always need another handbag.


Candace Crossbody


There’s several reasons why I love this bag.  First, it’s a leather crossbody and you can never go wrong with a crossbody, especially with a toddler.  I love crossbody bags but I need them to be functional crossbody bags.  I feel I have several that are really cute looking but too small to really even matter or they get too bulky and heavy.   This crossbody has 3 compartments with the middle one zipping up and it even has an animal print inside.  What really turned me on is the fact that my iPad fits perfectly and it doesn’t make the rest of the handbag look bulky at all. I can fit everything I need into the bag plus even a diaper or two.  It’s also pretty lightweight considering it’s 100% leather and I absolutely love the shape. This bag is going to be perfect for our vacation and perfect for running errands.  So, there’s my justification.  What do you think? I think this article sums it up perfectly as to why you should spend money on your handbags.  And, yes I also emailed this article to my husband.

The bag is $120 but it was Wednesday so I was able to get 40% off. So, it came to $72.  Don’t forget that most Wednesdays Banana Republic offers 40% off one item. Take Advantage.

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  • Oh I love it! Perfect choice and I totally get the husband reaction- classic.

    • noelani

      Thanks Kilee! Those husbands!

  • great bag!! i love how your husband responded – mine would do the same thing! lol have a great time on your vacay!

    • noelani

      Thanks Cait! I think it must be a universal husband response. They just don’t understand:)

  • Julie

    Love the bag and the print fabric is great. Just offer to carry something for Nathan While on vacation and then just smile and say nice bag!

    • noelani

      Haha! Good idea:)

  • I love it! And I think you’re right about it being the perfect size. I’ve been looking for a crossbody bag for a while and it seems like they’re all either pretty small or way too bulky. And you can’t go wrong with a simple gold leather purse 🙂

    • noelani

      Thanks Emmie! Yes, it’s been so hard to fine one. Happy Thursday!