Thrifty Thursdays


I hope you all took advantage of the holiday sales last weekend because I know I sure did.  I finally found a pair of brown sandals I love and let me tell you these are super comfortable.  Shoes from the GAP can always be questionable but these have a little padding in them and are a great brown shade. I absolutely love them and am happy I waited to find something .  The bucket bag is from Old Navy and could it be any more chic.  Old Navy is killing it this Summer and their handbags are no exception.  I love the look of the bucket bag, simple, and classic.  Obviously it’s not real leather but it’s very lightweight and perfect for Summer nights.  The dress is also from Old Navy and sold out online but you might be able to find in the store.  The dress is similar to the Isabel Marant Daryl Dress that is also sold out now but has been seen everywhere.  I even saw it last night on Juliet of Ladies of London! Which if you aren’t watching this show then you need to get on it ASAP!  All three items were on sale which was perfect.  I have told myself that I can’t buy anymore Summer clothes at this point but obviously it’s difficult when everything is on freaking sale.

Old Navy Bucket Bag//Gap Leather Sandals//Lulu & Georgia Rug

Bag- The day I went into the store it was $15 but it’s now $30
Dress- $30
Sandals- $23
Total- $83
Sorry for the crappy picture quality, that’s what I get for waiting until it’s almost dark.
  • sarahfrances4

    I have the dress and bucket bag! I’ll been saving the dress to wear to Morocco and my thoughts were exactly! It looks like the Isabel Marant version! Great buys!

    • noelani

      Thank You! Oh, the dress will be perfect for Morocco!!!

  • This dress is ADORABLE. I’ve neglected the Old Navy this summer, but it looks like I need to check out my store and see if they still have it!


    • noelani

      Thank you! Yea, I am hit or miss with Old Navy but this Summer has been great!