Thrifty Thursdays

This week wasn’t too thrifty but I did manage to stay under my $100 budget.  I blame it all on J.CREW though because they keep speaking to me in French with their graphic tees and I keep answering.  I have to dress up for work during the week so on the weekend I pretty much live in my boyfriend jeans and some sort of long or short sleeve tee.  All three of these happened to be on sale this week so they happened to jump in my shopping cart.


1. The je t’aime shirt was 25% off making it $33.75.

2. The Love Conquers All shirt was $27 and I am so glad I purchased because it’s all sold out now.

3. The Painter Tee was $17.

Total of $77.75


I also purchased these darling vintage eggs from Target for $5. I can’t wait to put these in London’s Easter basket full of fun goodies.

Total for the week $82.75

Thanks again for following along on this wacky crazy budget adventure.


  • julie

    Very cute tees. If you add up all the eggs in the bag and then add 3 for the tees and divide by the $82.75 yours deal on the tees just got better!

    • noelani

      Lol! I like the way you think:)

  • I think this is my favorite blog series post you do! 🙂

    • noelani

      Oh good!!! I am so happy someone likes this budget thing;)